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E-science models for the humanities - Text Encoding Models and Metadata, Ontologies and Metamodels

21/05/2007 dalle 00:00 alle 00:00

Dove Aula I - Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere Moderne

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ETNP acume2 Subproject 5 - Reshaping Humanities through Applied Sciences

Eric S. Rabkin (University of Michigan) Theoretical and methodological aspects of the Genre Evolution Project: a e-Science model to the humanities

C.M. Sperberg McQueen (MIT Laboratory for Computer Science) Streams, rectangles, trees, concurrent trees, Goddags, colored trees: data structures as explication de texte

Claus Huitfeldt (University of Bergen) Markup Technology and Textual Structures

Discussion on Architectures for Digital Libraries with Fabio Ciotti (Università Roma ‘La Sapienza) and Chairs Dino Buzzetti (University of Bologna) Fabio Vitali (University of Bologna)

The first sub-project 5 workshop aims at discussing the extension of the e-Science model to the humanities. The workshop will focus on text encoding models and metadata models for text representation.